Penny University

A peer to peer learning community

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Our Goal

Bring people together to learn and grow.

We believe there is a better way for knowledge to be shared and distributed. People should be at the center of the learning process, and engaging with others is the most effective way for people to expand their minds and skillsets. Communities and businesses grow stronger when people build relationships through mentorship and co-learning, and that is exactly what Penny University is made to accomplish.

Our Tradition

350 years of history.

The name "Penny University" is a reference to the early coffeehouses in Oxford, England. These coffeehouses held an important association with the European Age of Enlightenment. For the price of a penny, scholars and laypeople alike would be given admittance to the coffeehouse, enjoy an endless supply of coffee, and more importantly enjoy learning through conversations with their peers. Thus these coffeehouses came to be called "Penny Universities".

Our new group, Penny University, serves as a modern take on this old tradition by connecting those who desire to learn with those who are willing to share what they know. This can certainly be at a coffeehouse, but anywhere else as well, including just a quick Google Hangout. There are no mentors or mentees, leaders or followers.

We are all peers and we are here to both learn and to teach.


Join Us

Become part of a new learning community.

Our members meet through Slack, where they discover each others interests in what they can teach and what they would like to learn. With the help of our bot, they set up Penny Chats with one another to in order to share knowledge, and then write up what they've learned and share it with the community.